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Hoping that these eye-candy photos (somehow) makes up for my lack of blog posts. I actually save tons of photos like these for some inspiration. This is actually another example of how I spare my time when I’m bored and another reason why I love Tumblr. Who wouldn’t love to have a cup of coffee while your view is the eiffel tower? Or a trip with your best friends at the beach? Or be able to pull off a turquoise hair? Here are just some things I’d like to check off my bucket list someday. It’s important to set goals in life and don’t let your dreams be just dreams. 

5 Notes | Posted on June 14, 2014

Hello recessionistas! How’s everyone doing? Here’s some quick outfit post for the sake of updating my blog because y’all been requesting this. I’ve always wanted to post something different and more than just “hey what’s up this is what I wore today” kind of format. But I did pretty much end up with the same thing! (ू•ᴗ•ू❁) oops I did it again (ok so this song is stuck in my head for days already and wow it sucks haha) 


The  photo above was captured during our stay at Pico De Loro. Some people requested an outfit post about it so why the hell not make one? So I wore my floral dress, floral snapback, and my black vans. Who says you can’t wear sneakers while wearing a dress? It’s not a crime for me though. I always do that! (high five to the girls who do the same!) I wore a snapback also to add a little more edge but still keeps the girly vibe coming because of the floral design. You could totally experiment different kinds of style. You could look a bit like a dude but your outfit still screams that you’re a girl! Did that even make sense? Hahaha! (wow I think I blabber too much now)

My love for floral designs had (obviously) reach its new level. I go cray cray over florals this season because it just gives me the summer vibe. And yes s-u-m-m-e-r! It’s not over for me till June 23rd. Must make the most of it right? Starting the month of June with a blog post and hoping I could be consistent about this. Have a great week everyone! 

Lots of love, 

Ashley the unicorn xx

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