Diary of a Recessionista

Life has been a series of hell weeks. Currently alone in a milk tea shop. (too cool for cafe hah not) Waiting for my friend/s to come over. You might think I’m just chilling here right now huh? Unfortunately, I’m studying for our long tests, writing notes, reading, and doing my project. Some sort in the middle I guess. Well, perfect example of my life right now. I’ve been so preoccupied with school, workshops, training, and many more. I still need to go to school even on weekends because of some other responsibilities. I’ve been trying to balance everything but I’m not really that good with time management which really sucks. (but again, I’m trying) Anyway, it does feel good to be back! 


I had these photos during our funshoot with my friends last summer. Just by looking through all the photos, it made me miss summer even more. Skating, having more time with my family and friends, and most of all having enough sleep. (which I lack right now)  But anyway, I’ll stop complaining. Gotta deal with school and responsibilities. image

(Plaid polo and jeggings from Wrangler)


Here’s a candid shot my friend, Sam, captured while I was trying to fix my hair. OMG I LOOK SO HAPPY. OMG HOW RANDOM CAN THIS BLOG POST BE. Anyway, have great week ahead recessionistas!  



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Hoping that these eye-candy photos (somehow) makes up for my lack of blog posts. I actually save tons of photos like these for some inspiration. This is actually another example of how I spare my time when I’m bored and another reason why I love Tumblr. Who wouldn’t love to have a cup of coffee while your view is the eiffel tower? Or a trip with your best friends at the beach? Or be able to pull off a turquoise hair? Here are just some things I’d like to check off my bucket list someday. It’s important to set goals in life and don’t let your dreams be just dreams. 

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